‘Funny, hearty and beautifully directed, the production is great’
Boy Out of the Country

Rachel Lucas, Weekend Notes

‘An entertaining and gripping night in the theatre’
Boy Out of the Country

David Spicer, Stage Whispers

Boy Out of the Country.  “The expression and delight in the language is tempered with story… an entertaining production of a play of relevance and resonance”

Judith Greenaway – Sydney Arts Guide

“Loved the Creative Characters workshop! Would 100% recommend to anyone interested in acting or even just wanting to learn to be more comfortable in front of a group. Goldele was wonderful and I’m looking forward to her next workshop!”

School of Rogues – Sarit

“A dynamic and fun variety show, presented by the Company of Rogues, the Bedlam Cabaret showcases an assortment of talent from comedy to burlesque, performance art to music with a smattering of the downright bizarre….  A great night out.

Emma Caldwell – Weekend Notes

“Playground is indeed an adept adjective in the case of the Bedlam Cabaret: Mardi Gras Edition, as the variety show turned concepts of performance, gender, and sometimes their bodies, upside down… The Bedlam Cabaret is one to look forward to.”

“Liv S – The Plus Ones”

“A towering performance by Graeme Rhodes as The Gent, presented with a laser focus, a gravitas of presence, and clear and articulate diction. In a play that is concerned with confusion and requires audience concentration, Rhodes is a colossus of clarity.”

Richard Cotter – Australian Stage

“hard to hold back the tears as we watched Morgan’s painful, bizarre, brilliant story unfold in a very moving solo performance by Graeme Rhodes”

David Kary – Sydney Arts Guide

Go see Morgan Stern. It’s an exceptional kind of clever. One actor playing all roles tells the story of someone with schizophrenia, and it really really works. Even cinema with all its magic struggles to describe hallucinations. Morgan Stern does this so ingeniously. Just see it. Trust me.

Sally Cushing (Audience Member)

Goldele Rayment’s manipulations of atmosphere and spacial configurations are cleverly calibrated… Graeme Rhodes delivers an astonishing performance.

Suzy Goes See