Bedlam Unleashed – a Thank You gallery

Now that the glitter has settled, and Bedlam is put to bed once more, we just wanted to shout out to the amazing artists, the team at the Red Rattler, and our incredible audience to say “thank you”.

Bedlam Cabaret gives us the opportunity to offer paid performance opportunities to artists we really believe in; helps us build a community between artists across genres and talents; and connects them to audiences who are keen to experience something different.

Vaudeville is alive and well in Sydney once more!


Andy Dexterity closes Bedlam in style!


Andy Dexterity – good with his hands!


Poppy Cox, direct from Berlin to Bedlam


Poppy Cox – an awesome Gainsbourg-inspired puppetry sketch.


Ben Noir dazzles with only a towel!


Ben Noir shows why he’s a boylesque favourite


Debbie Zukerman as Raz


Debbie Zukerman as Raz shows us why science is both cool, and unpredicatable


Host James Breko leads us into Bedlam!


Ben Noir’s incredible voice (and cheeky act) had us in stitches.


Curly Fries gargles his way into our hearts


….and then into our fantasies!


Vashti Hughes as Larry Olive


Larry Olive (Vashti Hughes) teaches us all a thing or two about ‘acting’.


The incredible Marlena Dali dazzles on the Bedlam Cabaret stage.


Kael Murray is all lace and legend.


Kael Murray brings charm, wit and fierceness to Bedlam


Moments before Kael Murray surprises us all!


Prince Enigma slides up, down and into our hearts


Big voice, great costume and a personality to match – meet Prince Enigma

And finally,

A big THANK YOU to our friends, family and lovers, who make making art so much easier. Without their support we Rogues couldn’t do what we do. We love you.

x Goldele and Robbi



Meet The Bedlam Artists: Debbie Zukerman

Night’s like Bedlam Cabaret Mardi Gras are nothing without comedy – and comedy would be so much less interesting without Debbie Zukerman. So can 5 questions really let us into the mind of Debbie with a Z? Let’s see…

Who is Debbie Zukerman, and what is that you do?
Debbie Zuckerman is a fiction that has haunted me my whole life.
Debbie Zukerman, however, is me.
I’m a comic actor and comedian.
What inspires your performances?
Other funny people.
Oh, and wigs.
Debbie Z and plant.jpg
our version of happiness is?
My life as it is, but with more in my super.
Besides Bedlam, how will you be celebrating the 40th Sydney Mardi Gras?
I don’t know yet, I’ll probably fly by the seat of my pants. Which is a pretty exciting way to fly.
Describe your Bedlam performance in 3 words. 
Shh. Girl science
Don’t miss Debbie at Bedlam – Wed 28th Feb at Marrickville’s Red Rattler – tickets on sale now here!