By Murray Schisgal

“A sparkling two character piece… Wonderful vaudeville aspects and meaningless existential ritualistic elements abound” – Sydney Arts Guide

The Typists is an absurd comedy about the perils of office life. Paula talks big about becoming a lawyer and climbing the corporate ladder; Sylvia, is a bitterly single shopaholic who dreams of marriage. Following the life-span of Paula and Sylvia as encapsulated in one day at the office The Typists taps into our deepest fears: being trapped in dead end jobs, doing trivial work, dying alone or settling for a passionless relationship.

Can they break out of the mundane cycle of the daily grind and find meaning in their lives?

The Typists was last presented at the Exchange Hotel Balmain in July 2015.




“Thoughtful, dynamic and wonderfully captivating…an engrossing show that speaks intimately to each person’s lived experience….Prince and Rayment’s passion for the work is genuine, infectious, and very engaging” – Suzy Goes See

“Time passes swiftly in the company of these two compelling women…there’s never a dull note” – Same Same

“Company of Rogues freshens up what is a safely antique piece of social satire … effectively designed  and capably performed by Jenna Prince and Goldele Rayment” –  Sydney Morning Herald

Concept: Goldele Rayment   |   Directed by: Hannah Strout in collaboration with Goldele Rayment & Jena Prince  |  Performed by: Goldele Rayment and Jena Prince


Goldele Rayment – Creative Concept / Actor

Hannah Strout – Director, Collaborative

Jena Prince

Jena Prince – Actor

Jena Prince is a Sydney-based actor and teaching-artist. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology/Drama) from the University of Queensland, part of which involved a semester abroad studying acting at the University of California, Berkeley. She has experience in theatre management, drama education, and both film and theatre acting. She is currently a Teaching Artist with Sydney Theatre Company, the Australian Theatre for Young People, and Imagination; and a past company member of Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre. She has taught performing arts and directed shows for primary, secondary, TAFE students and adults in Queensland and New South Wales since 2007. Most recently Jena assistant directed ATYP’s Luke Lloyd: Alienoid, and directed and facilitated a theatrical performance, The Water is Rising, for Leichhardt Council’s 2014 Footprints Eco Festival.

Jena’s acting credits include work with Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre (Gaia; Zeitgeist; Dracula), Underground Productions (Closer; The House of Yes; Spring Awakening), the University of Queensland (The Rover; Black Hands/Dead Section), the University of California (Terminating), and Somerset Mills Productions (I Remember the Silence). Her film work includes lead roles in Charlotte et Michael (Ian Alberto) and Pocket Change (Colm O’Murchu). She has trained in a number of methods and styles including Naturalism and the Method of Physical Action (Christopher Herold, U.S.A.), Butoh (Dairakudakan, Japan; Zen Zen Zo, Brisbane), the Suzuki Method of Actor Training and Viewpoints (Zen Zen Zo, Brisbane).



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