Morgan Stern is available for Australian domestic and international touring. Please contact us for production details.

Featuring : Graeme Rhodes as The Gent
Director : Goldele Rayment
Creative Producer : Robbi James
Sound Design : Tegan Nicholls
Lighting Design : Roderick Van Gelder

Press: Sunday Times (UK);  Disability Arts OnlineVile ArtsAustralian Stage

Fate. Family. Madness.

Morgan Stern, from AWGIE award-winning playwright Gina Schien, explores one man’s experience of psychosis. The question is, “Which man?”

Shifting between families, centuries and hemispheres, we are introduced to a mysterious character known only as The Gent, who has seemingly dropped into the world of a young man living in Sydney in the 1970’s. Fragmented stories of two families struggling with the mental illness of a young adult are contrasted against the backdrop of the infamous Bethlem Asylum and contemporary psychiatric care.

Places, people and stories crystallise and dissolve throughout the performance, and the image of a one-eyed ornamental goldfish will come back to haunt you.

Morgan Stern is a powerfully moving monologue that will leave you with as many questions as answers.

A moving monologue, directed by Goldele Rayment, Morgan Stern was described by critic Lisa Thatcher as: “A troubling, beautiful, uplifting ninety minutes that will leave you breathless”. Veteran actor Graeme Rhodes has been praised by The Sydney Morning Herald’s Jason Blake for his “exceptional performance” as The Gent.

The production commands the audience’s attention throughout as the English Georgian gentleman slowly recovers heartbreaking memories of his daughter, whom he committed to the infamous Bethlem insane asylum. With these come a growing realisation that he must make amends and try to save Morgan from the same fate as his daughter.

This work has been deeply informed by the experience of AWGIE (Australian Writers’ Guild) award-winning playwright Gina Schien’s own brother.

Morgan Stern Performance History:

  • Blood Moon Theatre, Sydney, November 2016
  • Belvoir Street Theatre, Sydney, July 2017
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK, August 2017
  • Undercover Artist Festival, Brisbane, October 2017

Morgan Stern is available for local and international touring. Please contact the company if you are interested in taking the work to new audiences.


It is due to the generosity of our friends, families, supporters and ticket holders that we are able to make theatre. We’d like to make special mention of those who have contributed to Morgan Stern’s development and especially the Edinburgh tour anonymously and to the following individuals and organisations for their kind support…

Rosemary Allsopp
VIP SPONSOR & Honorary Rogue

Allan Mclean
Alan Patriarca
Elizabeth Connelly
Ashfield Youth Theatre & Ashfield City Council Artist Xchange program
Shopfront Arts Co-op
Belvoir St Theatre


Chrissie Iannsen – Photography
Lara Hollowood – Costume Design

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