Leo & Hyde’s The Marriage of Kim K

Stephen and Amelia are at a crossroads.

She’s found success, he’s still looking for it, and at the end of each day they face a battle we all know well – what to watch on tv. He loves Mozart, she’s obsessed with her favourite celebrity. As they battle for control of the remote, and their relationship, the characters they consume come to life on stage.

Figaro’s unhappy Count and Countess and Kim Kardashian’s ill-fated marriage to Kris Humphries shine a light on the things Stephen and Amelia love and hate about each other, and what they are willing to compromise for love and ambition. Will their story have a different ending?

Slickly exploring our obsession with celebrity, and our passions both real and fantastic, this joyous, fractious new co-production between Company of Rogues and the UK’s Leo and Hyde, sees opera, pop and musical theatre collide as three women face a choice – what do you do when love isn’t enough?

Creative Team

Music: Leo Mercer
Book & Lyrics: Stephen Hyde
Director: Erica Lovell
Music Director: Robert McDougall
Producer: Robbi James
Dramaturg: Goldele Rayment

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