Little Girl Lost

Found on July 29, Ready in 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined us for a very special in-progress performance of Little Girl Lost on July 29th. We hope you loved our uplifting new theatrical adventure for young people and their families.

“We’re thrilled that our guests, and their young ones, enjoyed the performance so much, and we can’t wait to bring Little Girl Lost to the stage in 2020” Robbi James, Producer.

Told with magical puppetry and quirky animation, we follow the story of Rima, a young girl who wakes up to find herself in a dark place – a land of talking animals and shifting wilderness, where the familiar is made unfamiliar (and maybe vice versa). But she doesn’t know who, what, or where she is. 

In order to find her way, Rima will charge herself with an epic adventure full of mystery, the bizarre, and the inspiring, aided by an Elephant who knows the way, and a Monkey that just wants to play. Rima will need to find the clues and put them back together before all time, reality, identity and legacy are lost forever. As she tries to find comfort and safety, take her fragile hand in yours, and help uncover truth from Lies; the real from the imagined; and how best one can find their way ‘home. 

Exploring what it is to remember and be remembered, this in-progress showing will bring to life the play’s central themes, puppetry and visual design and bring Peter Maple’s poetic words to the stage for the first time. 


Director: Scott Parker
Playwright: Peter Maple
Producer: Robbi James
Production Design: Aleisa Jalbert
Sound & Music Design: Kathryn Parker
Featuring: Eliane Morel (Elephant), Hayden Rodgers (Monkey) and Danielle Winsor (Rima)

This development of Little Girl Lost was made possible with the support of an Inner West Council Art and Culture Grant and the City of Sydney’s Matching Grant and Venue Support initiatives. Company of Rogues is an Artist and Producer Resident at Critical Stages Touring. Matriark Theatre are in-residence with the City of Sydney’s Live/Work program.

Little Girl Lost is based on an original idea by Goldele Rayment with a creative team that included Jane Grimley, Robbi James, Peter Maple and Emily Turner.


This new play has been created to help young people and their families understand the experience of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease in a poignant yet entertaining way.

Memories and moments from Rima’s life, both past and present are cleverly woven into the play and gently revealed and personified by the magical characters she interacts with. As the play progresses and comes to its conclusion we learn that Rima is not actually a young girl but an elderly woman living with cognitive decline.

We’re keen to speak to organisations, schools or Dementia service providers about the play and the ways it can be presented to benefit our communities. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.

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