Gravity Guts

WINNER 2018 Pioneer Playwright Award
Coming to Sydney Fringe 2019

By Sophia Simmons
Directed by Erica Lovell

A story about growing up, the universe, and everything.

Gravity Guts tells the story of a teenager Sophia as she tries to follow her dream of being an astronaut.  She loves sci-fi because her dad thinks it’s cool, she’s obsessed with space travel and her hero is Sigourney Weaver from Alien. She just needs to pass the medical, get through the entrance exam, and ace the physical fitness test (cue 80’s workout music).

She knows heaps about space and she can do a rubix cube in under 3 minutes so it should all be easy, right? If she can just block out the sound of her dad drinking in the next room, she might be able to pull it off.

Throughout this joyful and delicately woven one-woman show, Sophia explores the big ideas that have alluded human kind since the beginning of the universe; like what exactly is a quasar? What happens inside a black hole? And how do you find your voice in a vacuum? A playful blend of autobiography, creative nonfiction and comedy, it’s the story of a girl who just wants to break free from her father’s orbit, but first needs to build up the guts.

First produced as a staged reading at the Pioneer Play Festival, Pioneer Theatre 2018, directed by Goldele Rayment and featuring Emily McKnight.

see it at Adelaide Fringe

See Sophia perform Gravity Guts at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe, March 6 – 10 in her own production presented by Weilding Theatre and directed by Millie Cooper.