Journey to Edinburgh 4 – Graeme Rhodes

A forty page monologue that sprawls across a century or two, lurching in and out of insane asylums, spitting out mad doctors, rapists, tortured parents and mystical fishermen, driven by a purgatory-trapped soul and a young man fighting to manage his schizophrenia. In early June 2016, Goldele Rayment sent me a copy of Morgan SternContinue reading “Journey to Edinburgh 4 – Graeme Rhodes”

Journey to Edinburgh 3 – Gina Schien

Showing directors a new script can be humiliating and dangerous, like running naked through traffic. All your bits are in full view but you’re probably just a distraction. And if a director decides your play isn’t terrible and they want to direct it, they’ll probably kill it with bad casting. Goldele liked Morgan Stern butContinue reading “Journey to Edinburgh 3 – Gina Schien”

Journey to Edinburgh 2 – Robbi James

When I began a Masters of Arts Management at the Sydney Opera House almost 2 years ago I did so hoping that the study would lead me to new opportunities to work with creative people and their projects. It was there that I got to know Goldele Rayment. At the time I honestly hadn’t thoughtContinue reading “Journey to Edinburgh 2 – Robbi James”

Journey to Edinburgh 1 – Goldele Rayment

When Graeme and I started rehearsing Morgan Stern we always knew we wanted to take this show further than just a 2 week season in a tiny, make-shift ‘indie’ space. In fact, we kept saying to each other “this is a preview season”. At that stage the plan in my head was to spend 2018Continue reading “Journey to Edinburgh 1 – Goldele Rayment”

From the AD: Remembering Why I Make Theatre

I’ve been having a creative crisis, a loss of faith. I must admit that at the age of 36 I am lucky to never have experienced this before. Being an independent  theatre maker is incredibly stressful and takes emotional fortitude as well as a multitude of skills both creative and practical. Theatre has been the biggest joyContinue reading “From the AD: Remembering Why I Make Theatre”

Company of Rogues are recruiting a CREATIVE PRODUCER

 POSITION DESCRIPTION: CREATIVE PRODUCER Company of Rogues is an emerging independent theatre company based in Sydney and we are looking for a new partner in crime! You will work in close partnership with the Artistic Director to program, manage and develop all aspects of the company. This is a part-time, (currently) an unpaid role with aContinue reading “Company of Rogues are recruiting a CREATIVE PRODUCER”

Goldele tells us “Why I Stopped Acting”

“I stopped acting in 2007 because the feelings that where coming up where so overwhelming…” Goldele Rayment, who will perform “Sylvia” and is co-directing The Typists, talks about her relationship to acting. Book tickets here: