Bradford Elmore’s Gravity Shortlisted for the 2020 Queer Playwriting Award

Company of Rogues is thrilled to announce that Bradford Elmore’s debut play Gravity has been shortlisted for the 2020 Queer Playwriting Award.

In development with ‘The Rogues’ since late 2018, Gravity is a new romantic drama about finding yourself, and finding yourself falling apart. Exploring the forces that draw us to each other, tear us asunder, and sometimes leave us adrift, this semi-autobiographical work from Kentucky-born Elmore is a deeply personal, utterly unapologetic story of one man’s need to understand who he is, and what love looks like when gender is only part of the question.

“As a bisexual man who has oft felt unseen due to a lack of representation in media, being nominated is such a huge honour.” said Bradford, “The intent of this work is to be part of a beacon that others can see themselves in, identify with the struggles of the characters, and feel less alone in their journey.”

Playwright Bradford Elmore

Gravity enjoyed a week’s intensive development under Director and Dramaturg Anthony Skuse (Wink, Caress/Ache, Sunset Strip) with actors Audrey Blyde, Oliver Burton and Drew Wilson, with excerpts read at The Australian Institute of Music on November 21st. It was presented in its very early stages as a staged reading at Siren Theatre Company’s Playlist event during the 2019 Mardi Gras.

Producer Robbi James has been involved with the work since it’s inception. “It’s been incredibly fulfilling to be a part of not only the development of a poignant and important story, but to also witness the journey of a new playwright coming into their own”, he said, “the reception to the work has proven that there is a need for queer stories that reflect the complexity and beauty of all of our most intimate lives.”

The award, presented by Gasworks Arts Park in partnership with Midsumma Festival, aims to identify, support and develop new playwriting talent and to get queer issues out there for mainstream audiences to consider and enjoy. Gravity is one of four works selected including Butterfly Kicks by Jamila Main, Home Fires Burning by Maeve Marsden and New Wave by Margot Morales Tanjutco.

It will be decided on Tuesday, 28th January 2020 in Melbourne after the four shortlisted plays present a 15-minute staged reading to a panel of industry professionals and the public at Gasworks Arts Park’s Studio Theatre. The winning work will go on to receive support and development with a view to being presented at the 2021 Midsumma Festival.

For more information: and Midsumma Festival:

The current development of Gravity would not be possible without the support of the Australian Institute of Music, Our Secret Spot and Critical Stages Touring.

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