Little Girl Lost – Thank You

A puppet of a little girl looks ahead while behind a quizical nun and schoolboy look on.

On Monday 29th July we held the in-progress showing of Little Girl Lost – our collaboration with Matriark Theatre Company and playwright Peter Maple. The Rogues would like to thank everyone who came to see this beautiful new piece of family theatre – and for your amazing feedback.

This uplifting new work attempts to help families talk about Dementia through a fun and mysterious adventure story, animation, music and magical puppetry. We were thrilled to have a house that was so full we all had to muck in for extra seats to be set in Harold Park Hall – our beautiful home for the showing courtesy of City of Sydney. We couldn’t have done it without the support of the city and Inner West Council.  

We’re planning a big future for this little play, so stay tuned to hear more about it. And if you were there, please let us know your thoughts – we’d love to hear them. For now, and from the Rogues/Matriark family, thank you!

Images by Noni Carroll Photography

This development of Little Girl Lost has been made possible with the support of an Inner West Council Art and Culture Grant and the City of Sydney.

Little Girl Lost is based on an original idea by Goldele Rayment with a creative team that included Jane Grimley, Robbi James, Peter Maple and Emily Turner.

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