Meet The Bedlam Artists: Andy Dexterity

We’ve been watching him for years and The Rogues finally got to meet our next Bedlam Artist when we shared a theatre at EdFringe – where we fell for him like everyone else. He’s bold, brash and good with his hands. Meet Andy Dexterity, our next artist from Bedlam Cabaret Mardi Gras for you to get to know over 5 little questions..

Who is Andy Dexterity, and what is that you do?
Andy Dexterity reveals themself to me daily.

At this moment in time, Andy continues to translate life experience into movement – with ridiculous dance moves, copious costume changes and sassy sign language. Although, there are some big changes a-brewing…

What inspires your performances?
I love creating performance pieces that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. My wish is that people find their bodies shimmying and gesticulating a little more after experiencing an Andy Dexterity performance.

Throwing a shape with someone from across the street that you haven’t met yet…


Your version of happiness is?
Embracing and celebrating difference – whilst eating hot chips. with parmesan cheese. and truffle oil.

Besides Bedlam, how will you be celebrating the 40th Sydney Mardi Gras?
I’ll host a small pride parade at home, from my kitchen to the living room with a ridiculously strong pina colada in-hand.

Describe you Bedlam performance in 3 words…
…I just struck 3 poses.

Don’t miss Andy Dexterity at Bedlam Cabaret on Wed 28th Feb at Marrickville’s Red Rattler – tickets on sale now here!


Check our more of Andy on his website here.

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