Meet The Bedlam Artists: Curly Fries

He makes us sit up, take notice and get inspired to do things we never thought we could, and if you haven’t seen him perform you are in for a twisted treat. Meet Curly Fries, our next artist from Bedlam Cabaret Mardi Gras for you to get to know over 5 little questions…

Who is Curly Fries and what is it that you do?
Curly Fernandez or Curly Fries is a hypocrite. I am a trained performer from out west and have rebelled against everything I was ever taught and at the same time embracing everything I was ever taught. I am a text based performance artist haunted by spirits. My practice is based on my fear, the societal rules we live by – all hinged on the clown within us.
I love watching other artists and what they do, their unique creations. I am inspired very much by Sydney – its artistic beauty, its urban landscape, its danger, it’s hypocrisy. I adore classic texts reinvented and I adore participatory art forms. The artistic body I lead – the Leftovers Collective make social experiments coupled with this concept at their core.
My family are a very, very big inspiration (there is such love there and a mix of cultures), as well as friends. At the moment I’m obsessed Naro Pinosa’s work – the absolute simplicity and political subversiveness of his collage’s are beautifully breathtaking. In terms of Cabaret, Meow Meow I find her extraordinary – that voice!
But to be candidly honest it’s my local community and the voices in my head.
Your version of happiness is?
Happiness to me is the beach. With my faCurly.jpgmily. A gorgeous sunny day, clear blue water and designer bathers. The beach to me is my way I connected to Australia. It was really quite tough growing up here. There was probably only 2 black / brown people at my school including me. This included all the way through to university. The beach was a place my partner Lauren took me to lots. It was a place I felt I really belonged. A place where us as humans, used our meat suits to worship.  That area between the two elements, the land and the sea. I found my home there. In most of my creations water exists on some level.
Besides Bedlam, how will you be celebrating the 40th Sydney Mardi Gras?
Masturbating. (Did you just call me a wanker?)
Performance in 3 words
Art. Is. Dead.

Don’t miss Curly Fries at Bedlam Cabaret on Wed 28th Feb at Marrickville’s Red Rattler – tickets on sale now here!

Check our more of the incredible creative work that Curly leads by visiting The Leftover Collective – do it!

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