Meet The Bedlam Artists: Poppy Cox

We’re just quietly thrilled to introduce you to another Bedlam Cabaret artist, and this one is joining us direct from Berlin!

American-born, Berlin-based Poppy Cox is a cardboard-obsessed showgirl who has worked as a naked professional all over the world. With one foot in a high-heel shoe and the other one a bicycle pedal, she aims to delight while dragging you into her absurdist technicolor dimension.

Poppy will be bringing her own brand of drag absurdism and puppetry to Sydney for the first time. We asked 5 little questions to get to know her better…

Who is Poppy Cox and what is that you do?
I am a performer and costume designer based in Berlin.

What inspires your performances?
Things I love or things I hate.

Your version of happiness is?
Riding bicycles, drinking coffee, and chit chatting the night away with people I love.

Besides Bedlam, how will you be celebrating the 40th Sydney Mardi Gras?  Performing all over the place!!

Describe your Bedlam performance in 3 words.
Pervy Parisian Puppets

Don’t miss Poppy Cox at Bedlam Cabaret Mardi Gras Edtion on Wed 28th Feb at Marrickville’s Red Rattler – tickets on sale here!

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