May 10 – 26


Written in Australian vernacular verse, in the poetic tradition of Banjo Patterson, Boy Out of the Country tells the story of Hunter, a country boy who returns home after a seven absence. He finds the family property swept up in a new housing estate, his mother in aged care and his brother Gordon in charge. For Hunter and Gordon, sibling rivalry and childhood nostalgia are about to collide with unexpected consequences.

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Boy Out of the Country.  “The expression and delight in the language is tempered with story… an entertaining production of a play of relevance and resonance”

Judith Greenaway – Sydney Arts Guide

“Playground is indeed an adept adjective in the case of the Bedlam Cabaret: Mardi Gras Edition, as the variety show turned concepts of performance, gender, and sometimes their bodies, upside down… The Bedlam Cabaret is one to look forward to.”

“Liv S – The Plus Ones”